Tippi Hedren Net Worth 2022 – About Her Career – Family – Facts

When we think of famous celebrities, the likes of Beyonce and Brad Pitt come to mind. But in Hollywood, there are many lesser-known stars who mix into the A-list glamour without thanking their bank balance. The Marnie star is one such example.

If you’re a fan of legendary actor Tippi Hedren, then chances are you might be interested in learning about her net worth. What’s more: We’ll go over the Marnie star’s life, what she does to spend time outside of work, and share some details about her career.

Let’s have a look at Tippi Hedren net worth 2022 and other details about her life!

Tippi Hedren net worth 2022


Quick facts about famous Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren net worth 2022

Birth NameNathalie Kay Hedren
Screen NameTippi Hedren
Date of Birth19 January 1930
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
ChildrenMelanie Griffith ( Actress )
Tippi Hedren in 2022$20 million
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
Height and Weight5 feet 5 inch, 56 kilogram

Who is Tippi Hedren?

Tippi Hedren is an American actress, model, and animal rights, activist. She is best known for her roles in the films The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964).

Tippi Hedren emerged out of the glamour and glitz to become a successful actress and the best-known spokesperson for animal welfare in America.

She was born on January 19, 1930, in New Ulm, Minnesota to Henrietta (née Becker) and Bernard Carl Hedren. Her father was a Swedish immigrant, and her mother was of German descent. She has two sisters, Mary and Diane.

Hedren has been married twice first to Peter Griffith from 1952-1960 and then to Noel Marshall from 1964-1982. She has only a single child Melanie Griffith (actress). Tippi Granddaughter name is Dakota Johnson

When Tippi was 18 years old, she competed in a Miss Twin Cities beauty contest, which motivated her to move to New York City where she eventually won Miss World USA Pageant.

She landed an audition for a TV commercial for Maybelline Cosmetics but instead was cast for the lead role in Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963).

Hedren interest in animals began at an early age. When she was two years old, she rescued a wounded gazelle from a burning field and nursed it back to health. She later recalled: “I loved animals so much that I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up.”

The film was a critical and commercial success and earned Hedren an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Tippi Hedren net worth 2022

Tippi Hedren’s Net Worth 2022 and Career

Tippi Hedren net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. She is best known for her roles in The Birds and Marnie.

However, her acting career began when she moved to New York City at the age of 18 to pursue a modeling career.

In 1961, Hedren met legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock while working as a model for Vogue magazine.

Hitchcock cast her in the title role of his film The Birds (1963), which proved to be a challenging experience for both Hedren and the crew due to the number of live birds used on set. She also starred in the film Marnie (1964) directed by Hitchcock.

In the 1970s, Hedren appeared in a number of television shows including “Murder, She Wrote” and “Ellen”.

In the 1980s, she founded the Shambala Preserve, a wildlife refuge for Bengal tigers and other animals, in Acton, California.


Few Hollywood stars have had as successful a career as Tippi Hedren. The blonde bombshell got her start in the 1960s, appearing in films like The Birds and Marnie. She quickly became one of Hitchcock’s muses and starred in some of his most famous films.

After her years working with Hitchcock, Hedren took on a variety of different roles, both in film and television. She has continued to work steadily throughout her career and has even started her own line of clothing.

Hedren is also known for her philanthropic work; she is an active supporter of animal rights and has even set up her own wildlife refuge.

All of this success has led to a healthy net worth for Hedren. Despite all her success, Hedren has had a difficult personal life. She was married to actor Peter Griffth for almost 8 years, but the marriage was fraught with difficulties.

The couple eventually divorced, and Hedren has been open about the fact that it was a very painful experience for her.

She has also had problems with her daughters Melanie Griffith, who she famously starred alongside in Roar, struggled with addiction for many years.

Recently, though, Griffith has been sober and is now working on rebuilding her relationship with her mother.

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Facts about Tippi Hedren

  • Tippi Hedren includes that she is a successful fashion model and actress, and has also been married three times.
  • She has one daughter, Melanie Griffith, who is also an actress.
  • Hedren’s first husband was Peter Griffith, with whom she had Melanie.
  • Her second husband was Noel Marshall, a film producer best known for his work on “The Exorcist” (1973).
  • She divorced Marshall in 1982 and married again in 1985, this time to businessman Luis Barrenecha.
  • In recent years, Tippi Hedren has shifted her focus away from Hollywood and towards philanthropy.
  •  She is an active supporter of many different causes, including animal rights, environmentalism, and education.
  • She has also established the Roar Foundation, which works to protect tigers and other big cats from extinction.
  • Through her foundation and other charitable work, she has shown that she is committed to making a difference in the world.
Tippi Hedren net worth 2022

FAQ’s-Tippi Hedren Net Worth 2022

What is Tippi Hedren’s Net Worth 2022?

Tippi Hedren net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $20 million. Tippi Hedren net worth makes her one of the richest actresses in Hollywood. Her success in film and television, combined with her involvement in modeling, endorsements, writing, and philanthropy, have all contributed to her impressive wealth.

What is Tippi Hedren relationship status?

As of 2022, Tippi Hedren isn’t married to anyone. Previously she got married three times. Her first husband was Peter Griffth. She divorced Peter in 1960 and married again in 1982, this time to Noel Marshall. Her third husband was businessman Luis Barrenecha.

Does Tippi Hedren have any children?

Tippi Hedren’s only daughter is Melanie Griffth, who was born to her first husband Peter Griffth.


After a long and successful career in film and television, Tippi Hedren has amassed a considerable net worth. Though she is now retired from acting, she continues to make appearances at public events and remains an in-demand speaker. She is also an active philanthropist, supporting numerous causes throughout her life.

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