Mo Vlogs Net worth 2022 – Cars – Assets – Family – Bio

Mo Vlogs, aka Mohamed Beiraghdary, is one of YouTube’s most influential creators and, indeed, a YouTube millionaire. Mo vlogs net worth 2022 is more than $10 million, Interested in knowing about Mo Vlogs net worth in 2022, his career, and his lifestyle?

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Mo vlogs net worth 2022


following table make you easy to understand about Mo vlog biography.

Birth NameMohamed Beiraghdary
Birth Day 8 march1995
Mo vlog net worth 2022$10 million
Family(Sister)Lana Rose, (Mother)Nadereh Samimi
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight72 kilogram
Social Media YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
Cars CollectionCar collection 2022

Who is Mo Vlogs? Age, Family, Biography, Lifestyle, and more

Mohamed Briegdhary, better known by his YouTube channel Mo Vlogs, is a famous vlogger and gamer. Over the last few years, he has become an internet sensation and is adored by millions worldwide. His vlogs about his daily life and his videos on Dubai’s most expensive cars gained him considerable fame and popularity, and he became the top-rated video on YouTube.

As of 2022, Mo vlogs is 27 years and was born on march 8,1995, in Dubai. He comes from a well-established family and has one sibling. Her sister, Lana Rose, is also a famous YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers. Their fans love watching both of them together in vlogs.

Mo Vlogs is the son of Nadereh Samimi and Esmail Beiraghdary. He moved to London with his sister and mother for educational purposes.

The famous YouTube lad loves to collect currencies as his hobby.  His collection includes notes from Great Britain,  Korea, Germany,  Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, and many others that his fans send him.

Mo vlogs net worth 2022

Mo Vlogs Career, Profession, and Achievements

Mo Vlogs started his career as a gamer on YouTube in 2011 with a YouTube handle, HitspecK0. Now, this channel has 64K+ subscribers.  Since that handle wasn’t successful, Mo hasn’t uploaded videos to it. Because he didn’t receive a good response then, he decided not to work on this channel anymore.

Almost two years later, in 2013, he launched a new channel called “Mo Vlogs”, and on 7 December 2014 uploaded his first video titled “My First Vlog.” This channel is what made him popular today. His videos featuring supercars and his amazing lifestyle earned him fame and recognition. As time passed, he became very popular and had a huge fan base due to his amount of love he received for his content.

He has over 11.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his videos have received more than 15 million views. The Mo Vlogs channel also won Diamond Play Button on YouTube last year, another accomplishment he has achieved recently.

Additionally, he is also an avid style enthusiast and has launched official merch under the MV brand. On Instagram and YouTube Vlogs, he has been spotted with Hollywood and Bollywood superstars.

Besides meeting various celebrities, including Salman Khan, he has collaborated with many YouTubers, such as Logan Paul, Adam Saleh, Inana Sarkis, and many more. Some of his famous youtube videos include: “Girl Driving a Bugatti in Dubai!!!” “Racing in my Friends Bugatti!!!”, “The Luxury Dubai Lifestyle – Billionaire Boys”, “Rich Kids of the Middle East – The Most Expensive Car Event in the World !!!,” and “Paying CASH for my New Car !!.”

What is Mo Vlogs Net worth 2022? Car Collection, Assets and more

Mo Vlogs’ net worth is primarily generated through his YouTube channel. His estimated net worth is $10 million, which he earns from ad revenue, sponsorships, and product placements on his channel. In addition, Mo Vlogs also earns income from his merchandise sales and investments. He endorses War Robots, Huwaei Plus, and many other brands on Instagram and YouTube, for which he earns a good amount of money.

His net worth will continue to grow as he posts popular videos on his YouTube channel. Several luxury cars are owned by the popular Emirati boy, including Pagani, Porsche, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, etc. If interested, you can check out his 2022 car collection here: Watch 2022 car collection

Mo vlogs net worth 2022

Facts that you should know about Mo Vlogs

  • Mo Vlogs’ net worth in 2022 is estimated to be more than $10 million, which he earns from YouTube, his merch, and other social media platforms such as Instagram
  • He is Muslim and has Emirati nationality.
  • Mo Vlogs love to collect currencies from different countries.
  • Mo Vlogs’ real name is Mohammed Beiraghdary.
  • He met famous Bollywood celebrities and collaborated with many popular YouTubers.
  • Mo Vlogs owns a large collection of luxurious cars.

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FAQs – Mo Vlogs Net Worth 2022

What is Mo Vlogs Net Worth 2022?

Mo Vlogs’ net worth in 2022 is estimated to be more than $10 million, which he earns from YouTube and other social media platforms.

What is Mo Vlogs real name?

His real name is Mohammed Beriaghdary, but people know him by his YouTube handle, ‘Mo Vlogs.’

Who is Mo Vlogs sister?

Mo Vlogs has an elder sister named Parisa, and he is known as Lana Rose by his followers.

How many subscribers do Mo Vlogs have?

As of October 2022, Mo Vlogs have 11.2 million followers on YouTube.

How do Mo Vlogs make his net worth?

Mo Vlogs earns his income through vlogging on YouTube and by endorsing several popular brands.


Mo Vlogs is among the most popular YouTubers, and his net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $10 million. This is largely due to his massive following and the numerous sponsorships he has. If you’re a fan of Mo Vlogs, then you’ll want to keep an eye on his net worth in the coming years. We would love to hear your views and opinion. Do share this post with your family and friends.

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