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Many people want to know about Mithali Raj net worth. Mithali Raj, widely recognized as one of the most remarkable women’s cricket players in history, inspires millions on and off the field. Born in Jodhpur, India, Mithali started playing cricket at a young age and set several new records. So, she has been the captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team for over 10 years, led her team to a runner-up spot in the 2017 World Cup, and created a world record by scoring seven consecutive 50s in One-Day Internationals (ODIs). During her successful 20-year career as an international cricketer, she became the most capped player across both men’s and women’s teams. By setting such inspiring examples, she has proved that hard work can break gender stereotypes and create history.

Mithali raj net worth

Mithali raj net worth

One of the most successful women’s cricket players on the Indian national team, Mithali Raj, has taken the world by storm. Known as one of the best batters in Women’s Cricket, her immense talent has made her an international celebrity. Much of this fame has positively impacted her net worth. So, they estimated that Mithali Raj currently has a net worth of approximately 50 million. With more significant tournaments to come and constantly gaining more recognition globally, Mithali Raj’s net worth will continue to rise exponentially.

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Life Style

India’s cricketing goddess Mithali Raj has been at the top of her game since making her international debut nearly twenty years ago. A true inspiration for aspiring cricketers across the country, her ability to continuously perform under immense pressure and keep the focus on the task makes her unique not just among Indian female cricketing stars but players all around the world. Off the field, she is living her best life following a demanding but well-balanced training routine and adhering to a strict diet. This strict regime helps ensure that she maintains energy levels and can give her absolute best on the field. Undoubtedly one of India’s brightest stars, Mithali Raj will no doubt bring more glory to India in the forthcoming years.

Mithali Raj Income

Indian cricket’s record-holder, Mithali Raj, is a role model to numerous aspiring female cricketers in India and beyond. She has inspired many with her power-packed performances on the field, emerging internationally as one of the most successful women’s cricket players. So, her accomplishments have been rewarded generously by the Indian government, too – she was appointed as a Deputy Collector at the Andhra Pradesh Commercial Taxes Department in November 2019 with a handsome salary of ₹70,000 per month. This government’s decision celebrates her achievement nationally, offering her recognition and monetary reward for her contribution to Indian cricket.

Mithali Raj Biography

Mithali Raj is more than just a cricketer. She is an inspiration for millions of young girls from all around the world. One of the key figures in Indian women’s cricket, Mithali Raj, has carved out a career spanning two decades with her hard work and dedication. From setting numerous records and inspiring a generation to become better athletes to receiving awards and accolades for her accomplishments on and off the field, Mithali Raj is an inspirational role model. So, she has earned the admiration of many for her achievements and has become a beacon of hope for the future of women’s cricket. Today, she stands as one of the most accomplished sports persons India has ever produced, firmly cementing her name in history books with more milestones in sight.

Mithali Raj hobbies

Mithali Raj is an Indian cricket player known for her graceful batting and leadership. In addition to her on-field pursuits, Mithali Raj also has exciting hobbies indicative of her diverse interests. She has a passion for writing, especially poetry and short stories. Alongside this artistic inclination, Mithali is also an avid reader and enjoys exploring different cultures through literature. Her sense of adventure often leads her on travels around India in pursuit of new experiences and knowledge.

Mithali raj salary

Mithali Raj, the Indian female cricket team’s captain, inspires many aspiring athletes. Not only has she had great success on the international level of cricket, but she has also accumulated a generous salary from her profession. After starting her career with the Indian team in 1999, at just 16 years old, Mithali Raj now earns 10 lakhs per annum for being captain. They also provided selectors with allowances and benefits depending on selection-based performances. What sets Mithali apart is her unbelievable achievements on the ground but also her style of leadership off it – one that not only empowers her teams but gives them equal opportunities to make their mark in international cricket.


How much does Mithali Raj earn?

Mithali Raj is an Indian cricketer and the Women’s National Team captain. She has been a part of the team for two decades and was the first woman to score 7,000 runs in international cricket. As one of India’s most successful female athletes, she earns a good salary from her cricket career.

Who is the wealthiest cricketer ever?

Mithali Raj is an Indian cricketer and the Women’s National Team captain. She has been a part of the team for two decades and was the first woman to score 7,000 runs in international cricket. As one of India’s most successful female athletes, she earns a good salary from her cricket career.

Did Mithali Raj get married?

No, Mithali Raj is not married. The Indian cricketer has had a successful sporting career for over two decades, and she continues to inspire young female athletes worldwide. Despite her incredible success on the field, Mithali Raj has remained focused on her sports career and has no plans of getting married anytime soon. She recently stated in.


Mithila Raj is a top Indian player who has already made waves on the international circuit. She has a bright future and can achieve even more with hard work and dedication.

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