Anil Kumble Net worth- Early life – Career- Income- Married life.

This article is about Anil Kumble net worth. Anil Kumble is a former Indian cricketer and captain. Best known for his enduringly accurate bowling, Kumble has an impressive international career that began in 1990 and lasted for 18 years. During this time, he took 619 wickets in Tests and 337 in ODIs, making him the third-highest wicket-taker of all time in international cricket history. Kumble also holds the record for most wickets taken in a single inning of a Test match – 10 for 74 against Pakistan. His passion for cricket made him an invaluable asset to the industry, not only as an exceptional player but also as a successful coach starting even before his retirement as a cricketer. Anil Kumble’s legacy lives on today through his work with the game and its players.

Anil Kumble net worth

Anil Kumble net worth

We consider Anil Kumble one of the greatest Indian cricket players of all time, and his net worth reflects that. According to reports, his wealth stands well over 130 crore rupees which amounts to over 17 million dollars when converted to US currency. This wealth has come through endorsements, investments, and a hefty salary from cricket itself. He serves as Chairman of Go Sports Foundation and a few other organizations and is also the Director of the T20 Global League in South Africa. It’s not only what Anil Kumble has made but also how he has chosen to use his resources that makes him an inspiration for generations of cricketers to come.

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Early Life

Anil Kumble was born in Bengaluru, India, on 17th October 1970. After schooling at the National High School & St Joseph’s Indian High School and graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Rashtriya Vidyalaya College of Engineering in Mechanical engineering, Anil followed his passion for cricket and pursued it professionally. He almost simultaneously made his One-Day International debut against Sri Lanka and took five wickets. This first outstanding performance set him up for a prolific cricketing career spanning 18 years, which has seen Kumble play 132 Tests, 271 ODIs, and 3 Twenty20s games while becoming the highest wicket-taker among any other Indian bowler in both Tests and ODIs. His achievements have since earned him the highest honor of Padma Shri by the Government of India, as well as the Arjuna award.

Anil Kumble source of income

Indian cricketer Anil Kumble is well-known for his dedication to cricket. What only some people know is that he has a variety of sources of income outside of his cricket career. Primarily, Kumble works as a top-level commentator and analyst in many national and international cricket matches. He also holds two honorary doctorates from Jain University and Gulbarga University for his successful cricket career. His diverse portfolio also includes investments in fitness start-ups, endorsements for several leading brands, and even a stint as a Governor of GoSports Foundation, which promotes sports activities among athletes. Anil Kumble knows how to use his hard-earned reputation well by diversifying his professional endeavors on and off the field.

Anil Kumble net worth

Married life

Anil Kumble has been married to Chethana Kumble since 1999, and they have three children Anvay, Svasti, and Aarav. Since their marriage, the couple has been setting an example regarding a healthy relationship. Being aware of the difficulties that cricketers endure, especially after retirement, Anil’s wife Chethana has remained his pillar of strength and support that has kept this power couple going strong. She played a significant role in motivating him during his career and looked after complete household management while her husband traveled for cricket matches. He always had faith and respect for his career choices, encouraging him professionally and personally. As a couple, they strive to maintain a balance between managing their professional lives and their family life in which the supportive roles of both play an indomitable part.


Who is better, Warne or Kumble?

Warne and Kumble are two of the greatest spin bowlers in cricket history. While Warne was known for his ability to take wickets with deceptive flight and turn, Kumble was renowned for his accuracy and tremendous stamina. Given the similar quality of their bowling abilities, they would consider which player is better overall.

At what age Anil Kumble retired?

Anil Kumble was an Indian cricketer who played for the Indian national team from 1990 until 2008. He is considered one of the greatest spin bowlers in the history of cricket, and he holds several records in the sport, including being the only bowler to take all ten wickets in a single test inning.

Who took the first 100 wickets?

Taking the first 100 wickets in Test cricket is an incredible achievement and has only ever been done by a handful of bowlers. The.
the first man to reach this milestone was English bowler Jim Laker, who took his
100th wicket in 1956


Anil Kumble’s cricketing journey is an inspiration to many. He has shown that achieving great things with dedication and hard work is possible. Despite his difficulties, he never gave up and always strived to improve. His career is a shining example of what it can achieve through determination and perseverance. We have talked about Anil Kumble net worth. I hope you liked the info.

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